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Recommend the right startup and receive a luxury wine package

The recommendation campaign of the Digital Challenges from BASF has ended as of February 13, 2019. The winners are published here.

The Challenges

Condition Monitoring

What is the challenge?

BASF is looking for a startup with intelligent technology that can stay on top of corrosion, creep and other material changes in equipment, and also revolutionize ways of monitoring, predicting, and preventing potential risks with intelligent systems.

The startups solution may consist of connected sensors, use various information such as wall thickness and stiffness of equipment out of CAD drawing and sensors and might also use more than one testing technique. The ideal solution will be able to address:

  • How can BASF continuously monitor equipment for chemical damage and identify areas where specific types of damage have taken place?
  • Can connected sensors help determine how material changes impact the effectiveness of different machinery and materials?
  • What other testing techniques could help BASF achieve their objectives?

What are the startup requirements?

  • The startup has an innovative technology or product, not just consulting services
  • The solution is either ready-for-market or can be co-developed with BASF to bring the solution to a usable stage
  • Ideally, the solution has already been adapted for at least one existing customer
  • The product can be configured and adapted to fit BASF needs
  • For this challenge universities, institutes and research teams are also welcome!